Evaporative Coolers - Portable Spot Cooling

Schaefer Ventilation offers Pro-Kool and WayCool evaporative coolers for your evaporative spot cooling needs.

Use the Schaefer Ventilation Equipment Pro-Kool / WayCool portable evaporative coolers to cool any area - indoor or out! Cool down the air temperature by as much as 30 degrees with our evaporative coolers! These evaporative cooling fans are designed for use when air conditioning is cost prohibitive, impractical, or unavailable.

The WayCool evaporative coolers feature high impact ABS plastic housing, and heavy-duty aluminum base and interior frame. The WayCool evaporative cooling fan has four sides of evaporation media and chemically treated cellulose paper resists deterioration. These cooling fans have either a 14 or 24 gallon built-in water reservoir. These evaporative coolers have a quiet heavy-duty 2-speed blower motor. Have a standard 3/4" garden hose connections and float valve assembly for continuous use applications.

The Pro-Kool evaporative coolers feature rugged polyethylene corrosion resistant housing. Heavy-duty maintenance free motor. Stainless steel fan blades. 38 gallon water reservoir on the 42" cooler. Coated evaporative pads.

These evaporative cooling fans can also provide effective spot cooling in manufacturing plants, warehouses, military bases, gymnasiums, horse stables, dog kennels, and the list goes on.

If you would like more information on the WayCool or Pro-Kool evaporative spot coolers, please give Schaefer Ventilation a call! We would be happy to get you the best spot cooler for your environment.

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Evaporative Coolers - Portable Spot Cooling:
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