FlipFan® Dairy Cooling System - Patented

"The Patented FlipFan Dairy Cooling System" for cow cooling in extremely hot
and arid climates.

Designed to provide the best day and night cow cooling possible. Rugged and durable.
Easy to install and maintain. Increase productivity now!

  • Steerable (180 degree rotation), long throw, misting fans for day and night cooling.
  • Customizable automatic controls.
  • Reliable and easy to install and maintain.
  • High return on investment.

FlipFan Dairy Cooling System by Schaefer Ventilation

FlipFan dairy cooling system is only available from Schaefer Ventilation or one of Schaefer's fine dealers.
For more information about FlipFan please call 1-800-779-3267.

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To receive a downloadable PDF of John Smith's White Paper on the FlipFan Dairy Cooling System, please submit a request form by clicking here and click the box for "Yes, I am interested in the FlipFan White Paper". We will get a copy out to you as soon as possible or give Customer Care a call at 1.800.779.3267 to request a copy.

About the FlipFan White Paper:

Effects of adjustable and stationary fans coupled with misters on core body temperature and resting behavior of lactating dairy cows in a semi-arid climate. White papers by: John F. Smith; S.D. Anderson; B.J. Bradford; J.P. Harner; C.B. Tucker; J.D. Allen; L.W. Hall; S. Rungruang; R.J. Collier. November 2011.

FlipFan® Dairy Cooling System - Patented:
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