Industrial & Commercial Ventilation

Schaefer commerical / industrial ventilation for people and equipment cooling to prevent heat stress

Like other unsafe work conditions, heat stress lowers productivity and morale, and causes accidents and errors to occur. Schaefer and its local dealers are committed to helping you reduce heat stress inside and outside with its problem diagnosis, solution design and solution implementation services.

Schaefer's best selling solution components include fixed and portable circulation fans from 8” to 72” diameter, washdown and stainless steel circulation fans from 20” to 30” diameter, exhaust fans from 9” to 57” diameter, low- and high pressure misting fans, portable evaporative coolers, portable air conditioners, confined space ventilators, radiant heaters and the accessories and spare parts needed to implement the solution effectively and keep the solution performing for a long time.

Unlike fans and heaters from other suppliers, Schaefer's products are made in America and backed by 2-year limited warranties and Schaefer's easy-to-access Customer Care Center. Our highly engineered products move a lot of air very efficiently and are built tough for reliability and durability.

Please contact us or your nearest authorized Schaefer Ventilation Equipment Dealer to request a survey (diagnosis) of your workplace environment. We look forward to solving your heat stress or other environmental problems to improve you workplace conditions and enhance your productivity.

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Industrial & Commercial Ventilation:
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