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August 12, 2014 - Schaefer announces new Rental Market Manager

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is pleased to announce the addition of Kate Boland as Rental Market Manager. Kate will office out of our Bloomington, MN location. Kate will be responsible for building on Schaefers important Rental Market. Kate comes to Schaefer with a long career in sales, account management and marketing. She also has worked as an Event Planner which gives her great insight on the needs of the rental market. She is the proud mother of triplets so we know there isnt anything in business that she cant handle! We are very pleased to welcome Kate to our Schaefer sales team.

August 12, 2014 - Twister™ by Schaefer, new and improved oscillating circulation fan now available

Geared for performance, Twister's oscillating motor utilizes only the highest quality metal gear design and construction, providing unparalleled strength and reliability in a fan market saturated with less dependable plastic gears.

Built with precision and quality to last, Twister sets the industry standard with Schaefer's Oscillation Technology, two year warranty, and the following product features.

  • 2-speed high efficiency motors with 10 foot cord
  • OSHA compliant guards, available in black or white
  • 90˚ of total oscillation
  • 45˚ of fan head adjustability up or down
  • Four sizes 20", 24", 30" and 36" for optimizing air flow needs
  • Low noise levels quieter than conversational voice
  • Fixed or portable mounting capabilities

July 15, 2014 – Schaefer adds 2-speed direct drive 36” mobile drum fan to the Versa-Kool® portable line.

The 2-speed direct drive fans have the same great durable polyethylene housing and stacking tabs with added benefits.

  • Higher air velocity
  • Wider air pattern provides over 1000 sq. ft. of cooling
  • Noise level reduced by half on low speed
  • On/Off switch located on the housing
  • 12 foot cord for extended reach
  • Cord wrap on the housing for easy cord management

May 19, 2014 - Schaefer Ventilation hires Industrial/Commercial Regional Sales Manager

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is pleased to announce the addition of Mickey Merrell as Industrial/ Commercial Regional Sales Manager, Eastern United States. Located in Laurel, MS, Mickey will be responsible for industrial commercial sales in eastern United States. Although many people think of Laurel, MS as home to Brett Farve, those who know Mickey know it as home to Mickey Merrell.

Mickey comes to Schaefer with many years in sales and leadership positions, including fan sales experience. He has established industry relationships in the southeast and will be a great addition to the years of fan experience within Schaefer. We are very pleased to have him as part of the Schaefer sales team.

May 8, 2014 - 36” Versa-Kool circulation fans with mist rings cool arid outdoor market

Schaefer keeps Mecca’s market comfortable with 36” Versa-Kool circulation fans with mist rings. The evaporative cooling reduces temperature by up to 30°F. Ideal for Mecca’s year round arid temperatures, with summer temperatures breaking the 104°F (40°C) mark in the afternoon dropping to 86°F (30°C) in the evening and winter temperatures ranging from 64°F (18°C) at night to 86°F (30°C) in the afternoon.

May 2, 2014 - Tracy Kelly provides Tent Cooling Basics

Tracy Kelly, Schaefer Rental Market Manager, breaks down tent cooling options for tent rental stores. Keeping Your Cool by Tracy Kelly, pages 104-106 in the May issue of Rental Management. http://digital.spiweb.com/emags/ARA/2014/MAY/files/2.html

April 29, 2014  Join the F5 Revolution

Schaefer launches the F5 eMarketing Campaign direct to end users.

April 28, 2014  Pete Lyle talks about Sharing American Made Quality to Rest of the World

Pete Lyle, Schaefers VP of Intl Sales & Marketing, shares Schaefer solutions and market developments in the Middle East, North Africa region with Dairyline Radio. Copy the link to listen. http://dairyline.com/wpbackend/?p=8076

April 14, 2014  Dairyline Radio interviews James Kleinke about the impact of heat on milk production

James Kleinke, Schaefers VP Agriculture and Horticulture Sales & Marketing speaks on Dairyline Radio program discussing the impact of heat stress on milk production. Copy the link to listen. http://dairyline.com/wpbackend/?p=7994.

April 14, 2014 - Schaefer adds Market Manager

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is pleased to announce the addition of Colin Riley to Industrial Commercial team as a Market Manager. Colin is graduating with a BS degree in Marketing from St. Cloud State University and brings great energy and perspective to his new role as a Market Manager. His primary area of responsibility will be developing market opportunities with Industrial, Commercial and Rental dealers, prospective buyers and end users.

April 14, 2014 - Schaefer adds Middle East Regional Sales Manager

As a reflection on the companys continued international growth and ability to serve a geographically diverse set of customers, Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is pleased to announce the addition of Avais Sherwani as Regional Sales Manager Middle East. Avais has over 20 years of experience in dairy including most recently operating a consultancy in the dairy market industry in London, UK. His initial focus will be to build Schaefers dairy market and to open the Schaefer sales office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

April 8, 2014 - Prepare for Heat Stress

Heat stress is a major cause of production losses in the dairy and beef industry. James Kleinke, Schaefers VP Agriculture and Horticulture Sales & Marketing joins DairyLine Radio program to discuss the impact of heat stress on milk production. You can hear it at http://dairyline.com/wpbackend/?p=7994

March 18, 2014  - New updates on the Versa-Kool mobile fans.

Schaefers Versa-Kool® 36" mobile drum fan is now available with a rugged galvanized steel base for impact resistance, wheels relocated inside the fan profile for easier storage and transport, and the on/off switch located on the cord for convenience. The Versa-Kool 36" mobile drum fan is the portable solution for moving large amounts of air at higher velocities. Made in USA with dependable, long lasting components, the fan is designed with extremely durable polyethylene housing for impact resistance, available in black or white, single or two speeds and can be ordered with optional stacking tabs. The fan is ideal for portable personal comfort and livestock or equipment cooling needs in any industrial, commercial or agricultural facility.

March 10, 2014  HotZone heater make guest appearance on the Tonight Show

Schaefer HotZone heater keeps Jimmy Fallon and John Hamm warm, during a Tonight Show photo bombing skit on The Top of the Rock. The HotZone electric infrared heater works like the sun and puts out radiant heat which warms the temperature of people and objects, rather than the air. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AgorcX817Q

March 4, 2014  - James Kleinke published in Progressive Dairyman

James Kleinke, Schaefer's VP Agriculture and Horticulture Sales & Marketing published in the March 4 issue of Progressive Dairyman. James's article, entitled "Heat stress: The bottom line/Dairy basics/Cow comfort" discusses the financial impact of heat stress on milk production.

Februay 7, 2014  Schaefer Launches the Schaefer F5™ Livestock Fan

The high velocity circulation fan designed to provide maximum comfort and maximum hair growth for show animals. With the highest airflow and air velocity rating for fans in its respective size categories, the Schaefer F5 outperforms the competition. Built to withstand the impact of show travel, the F5 has heavy duty steel guards and reinforced ribs and outer rings, along with an easy use hang mount and a water resistance rocker on/off switch with a weather proof cover. Available in two sizes 20" and 24". The F5 is the Fan of Champions, providing the performance and ideal environment to take your show animal one step closer to earning top show honors.

January 14, 2014 - Schaefer Ventilation introduces Diffuser for WayCool® Portable Evaporative Tent Cooler

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment improves the WayCool® Portable Evaporative Tent Cooler with a new WayCool® Tent Cooler Diffuser. As an economical alternative to a true air conditioned tent cooling, the WayCool Diffuser now allows air to be directed where needed most, for enhanced coverage. Users can customize their airflow patterns to better meet their cooling needs, without affecting overall cooling impact. The WayCool portable evaporative tent cooler is ideal for open wall tent cooling. Evaporative cooling lowers the temperature by up to 30°F. With its patented oscillator, the WayCool has the widest coverage area. Made in the USA and designed for rental use. 

January 14, 2014 - Schaefer Ventilation Equipment offers 3-in-1 Heater, Fan and Misting Tripod Package

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment now offers a 3-in-1 Tripod Package with interchangeable heater head, fan head and misting system. Designed for efficient transportation and storage, this multi-function product can be used all year long. Utilize the fan and misters for summer rentals, and the heater for fall/winter rentals as an electric patio heater. After initial assembly, no tools are required to set up and take down. Made in the USA, the package includes: one tripod, one heater head, one fan head and one mist kit.

January 2, 2014 - Schaefer promotes Jason Prom to Regional Sales Manager and adds Nick Hengel as Inside Sales Rep

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is pleased to announce the promotion of Jason Prom to Regional Sales Manager. After successfully leading the Inside Sales team for the past five years, he is now responsible for industrial commercial sales in western United States.

Nick Hengel joins the Schaefer team as an Inside Sales Representative. Nick brings years of customer service skills and is working directly with prospective buyers and end users.

December 19, 2013 - Schaefer Ventilation introduces Aluminum Slant Wall Exhaust Fans

  Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is pleased to introduce Aluminum Slant Wall Exhaust Fans, available in 30, 36 and 48 sizes. The aluminum slant wall exhaust fans are the ideal solution or institutions and facilities that put a high level of important on aesthetics and longevity. The fans are built with heavy-duty, corrosion resistant aluminum for durability and with high quality and energy efficient motors. Made in the USA, the Aluminum Slant Wall Exhaust Fans are designed for exceptional performance, maximum efficiency, and low maintenance and operating costs.

November 21, 2013 - Supersized 42" Versa-Kool® Circulation Fan Added To Product Line

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment now offers the Versa-Kool® Circulation Fan in a 42" size. The super-sized circulation fan leads the industry in air movement and efficiency. The VK42 is 10% more efficient with 30% greater air flow than the Schaefer VK36. The wide, high velocity air throw pattern reduces the number of fans needed to improve air quality and lowers heat stress in barns, factories and warehouses. Made in the USA, the VK42 is built with precision and quality to last.

November 20, 2013 - Redesigned, More Powerful 42" Versa-Kool® Mobile Drum Fan Now Available

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment redesigns the 42" Versa-Kool® Mobile Drum Fan creating a thinner, more durable, more powerful drum fan than previous versions. The high density polyethylene housing provides superior impact resistance, temperature range and wear-resistance, while the narrow profile, large wheels, and integrated handles make the fan convenient and easy to move. The two-speed belt drive fan with TEAO 1 horsepower motor and three-wing galvanized blades with a low solidity ratio are designed for maximum air movement. Built to withstand the elements and move large amounts of air at high velocities, the 42" Versa-Kool Mobile Drum Fan is the ideal portable solution for personal comfort or equipment cooling in industrial, commercial or agriculture applications.

November 20, 2013 - IB Circulation Fans Added To Product Line

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment adds Made in the USA, IB Circulation Fans to its already extensive line of circulation fans. Designed to move large amounts of air and improve air quality at an import beater price while providing the features and quality expected from Schaefer - totally enclosed motors, corrosion resistance guards, and quiet operation. Available in five sizes, 12", 20", 24", 30" and 36" for optimizing air flow needs. Whether mounted on the wall or ceiling, the IB Circulation Fans are an excellent choice for barns, greenhouses, factories and warehouses.

November 20, 2013  - Now Available Low Pressure Mist Kit to Convert Circulation Fans to Mist Fans

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment introduces a line of Low Pressure Mist Kits to instantly convert circulation fans into misting fans. The misting kits can reduce air temperature up to 30° with wind from a fan and standard water pressure from an ordinary garden hose. The kits are easy to use with push releasable connections and optional ball valve water shut offs. Available for fans of all sizes, Schaefers Mist Kits provide an easy economical solution for your evaporative cooling needs.

November 6, 2013 - Schaefer Ventilation hires Marketing Director

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment, manufacturer of ventilation and thermal comfort products, is pleased to announce the addition of Pam Maurus as Marketing Director.

Ms. Maurus comes to Schaefer from St. Cloud Window, and before that Ameriprise Financial, Creative Memories and Caterpillar where she has had extensive experience in marketing communications, public relations, market research, competitive analysis and channel training and certification.

Pam has two Bachelor of Science degrees and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Minnesota State Mankato in International Business, Finance and International Relations and a Master of International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

August 29, 2013 - Last bi-weekly employee lunch for the Summer season 2013

Schaefer Ventilation held its last bi-weekly employee lunch of 2013 on Thursday August 29. The lunch has hosted by the Agriculture/Horticulture team. Shown in the picture above, from L - R: James Grass (Inside Sales), Jason Prom (Inside Sales), Jim Evans (Agriculture Central Region RSM) and Brad Gaddy (Horticulture Market Manager.) The cooks stayed cool with Schaefer's recently released 24TPQR-B 24", 2-speed portable circulation fan mounted on a collapsible tripod pedestal with quick release fan mount.

August 14, 2013 - FlipFan® System Performance Validated in Saudi Arabia

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment LLC, in cooperation with the University of Arizona has completed an extremely successful performance test of Schaefer's patented FlipFan® dairy cooling system at Al Safi Dairy Farm, near Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia.

The performance test was supervised by Dr. Bob Collier, Professor and Director of the William Parker Agricultural Research Complex at the University of Arizona and administered by Xavier Ortiz, graduate student at the University of Arizona, between June 1 and July 31, 2013. In the test, at total of 4 pens of high yielding cows (400 cows) were cooled and monitored. Half of the cows were cooled with FlipFan and the other half were cooled with Al Safi Dairy Farms legacy cooling system.

With afternoon temperatures averaging 45°C (113°F) and relative humidity averaging 25% in July, cows cooled with FlipFan® remained comfortable and productive with mean core body temperatures of 38.8°C, mean respiration rates of 60 breaths per minute, mean skin temperatures of 33.4°C, mean resting times of 14.3 hours/day and mean milk production of 51.8 liters/day (118 lbs/day). Inputs were also tracked, with favorable results on dry matter intake, electricity and water consumption.

Said Schaefer President, Neil Crocker, "Leading dairymen in the southern US and Mexico have been using FlipFan to keep their cows cool and their milk production up for several years. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to test and prove FlipFan in the harshest of conditions at a leading dairy in Saudi Arabia. We are looking forward to seeing the results of this performance test published in leading journals and presented at important conferences over the next year. This test is very strong proof that FlipFan® is the right choice for dairies in the harshest climates."

The complete results of this performance test are expected to be published in the Journal of Dairy Science and presented at the Southwest Nutrition Conference and National Animal Dairy Science Meetings in the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014 and will also be available from the authors and from Schaefer at that time.

July 22, 2013 - FlipFan® Patent Granted

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment of Sauk Rapids, MN announced today that the US Patent Office allowed all claims in issuing a patent for Schaefer's FlipFan dairy cooling system. FlipFan combines advanced 36" high velocity fans and misting systems with a horizontal rotational mounting structure that allows the fans to be adjusted to compensate for sun angle, wind speed and wind direction and to "flip" 180 degrees to point outside of the shade at night to "Keep the cooling on the cows"™ and provide very efficient and effective cow cooling in hot, arid conditions. FlipFan has been patent pending since 2011.

July 12, 2013 - Schaefer's"Your Special Fan" Service Launched

Through a partnership with a large, global fan supplier, Schaefer Ventilation Equipment can now design and source fan solutions of essentially any size for essentially any industrial or commercial application. Fan types include centrifugal fans, plenum fans, radial bladed fans, supply fans, downblast and upblast centrifugal and axial roof exhausters, filtered supply fans, cabinet ventilators, tubeaxial fans, vaneaxial fans, fumehood exhaust fans, smoke and heat exhaust fans, spark resistant fans, mixed flow and material handling fans, and others. Fan materials include steel, aluminum and Endurex. Special coatings for long life in extremely harsh environments are available. Most fans are available in explosion resistant versions. For more information about "Your Special Fan"please call Schaefer at 1-800-779-3267 and ask to speak to Jason.

July 11, 2013 - Mist Control System for BigDog® Fan Launched

Schaefer's BIGDOG 72" Industrial Circulation Fan is becoming the choice of manufacturing and warehouse facilities desiring high speed movement of huge volumes of air in the hot months and gentle destratification in the cold months. Many customers have added low pressure misting to their BIGDOGs for additional cooling. The recently launched Mist Control System monitors humidity and turns off the mist at a customer-selected humidity level to avoid saturating the air and reduce the risk of floor or equipment wetting. All low pressure misting accessories, including the Mist Control System are available from Schaefer now.

July 8, 2013 - Brad Gaddy Published in Greenhouse Grower

Brad Gaddy, Schaefer's Horticuture Market Manager was published in the July issue of Greenhouse Grower. Brad's article, entitled "Keeping Your Cool" discusses ways to maximize evaporative cooling pad life and can be found on page 82 of the July issue and at http://www.greenhousegrower.com/

July 5, 2013 - Schaefer Sales Flat in First Half of 2013

Schaefer Ventilation LLC, a privately owned Sauk Rapids, MN-based manufacturer of innovative ventilation and thermal comfort solutions, announced today that sales were unchanged in the first half of 2013 relative to the first half of 2012. Results were significantly negatively impacted by a late and cool spring in the United States but positively impacted by accelerating international sales.

May 31, 2013 - US Senator Amy Klobuchar Visits Schaefer Ventilation Equipment

US Senator Amy Klobuchar with Schaefer Rental Market Manager Tracy Kelly

Senior US Senator for Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar, toured Schaefer Ventilation Equipment on May 31, 2013. Senator Klobuchar was visiting companies in Minnesota that are committed to export growth, to determine what assistance might be required. Senator Klobuchar visited with employees and toured Schaefer's 80,000 square foot manufacturing and assembly facility in Sauk Rapids, MN. She extended her visit to help Schaefer celebrate an all-time record May.

May 15, 2013 - Schaefer Partnering with Profen in UAE

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment and Profen UAE, an oilfield and marine equipment distributor based in Abu Dhabi, have agreed to a distribution agreement for the GCC countries. As a stocking distributor, Profen will be responsible for growing Schaefer’s evaporative cooling and confined space ventilation footprint in the region. VP of International Sales, Peter Lyle stated that “Schaefer is recognized in the GCC countries as a manufacturer of premium ventilation equipment and bringing Profen on board solidifies our position as a market leader.” Profen will stock Americ® confined space ventilators, WayCool® and Pro-Kool® evaporative coolers, and VersaMist® and VersaFog® misting fans. For more information please visit www.profenuae.com

May 1, 2013 - Schaefer Products Available in Brazil

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is pleased to announce recent expansion into Brazil in cooperation with Yorgos Environmental, a nationally-recognized expert in gas detection and safety equipment. Yorgos supplies ventilation and testing solutions to the petroleum, food, industrial and automotive markets. “I am pleased to bring Yorgos on board as a key distributor. Brazil is an important market for Schaefer and we are committed to delivering high-quality ventilation products to the market,” said Peter Lyle, Schaefer's VP of International Sales. Yorgos carries inventory of Schaefer's Americ confined space ventilators and accessories. For more information please visit www.yorgos.com.br

April 22, 2013 - Brent Ford Published in Insight Newsletter

Brent Ford, Schaefer’s Western Region Industrial/Commercial Market Manager was published in the April issue of Kaman Industrial Technology’s Insight Newsletter. Brent's article, entitled "A Brief History of Fans" discusses the importance of air movement in human comfort in industrial settings and is available HERE.

April 4, 2013 - James Kleinke Published in Progressive Dairyman

James Kleinke, Schaefer's VP Agriculture and Horticulture Sales & Marketing was published in the April 4 issue of Progressive Dairyman. Jame's article, entitled "Start Thinking About Cow Cooling Now" discusses new findings on the importance of cow cooling.

March 12, 2013 - Dorner Equipment Sales & Service Wins Schaefer's Agriculture Dealer of the Year Award

Wes Dorner (left) receiving Schaefer's Agriculture Dealer of the Year Award for 2012 from Schaefer's Jim Evans

Dorner Equipment Sales and Service of New Franken, WI was awarded Schaefer's Agriculture Dealer of the Year Award for 2012. This is Dorner's second time winning the award. Dorner won the award on the basis of sales volume and his commitment to excellent service to our mutual customers, including rapid delivery of in-stock inventory, installation and maintenance services, solution design and other services that make him a preferred dairy cooling solution provider in Wisconsin and surrounding states. Congratulations to Wes Dorner and Dorner Equipment Sales from the owners and management of Schaefer Ventilation Equipment.

January 18, 2013 - Schaefer Grows 30% in 2012

Schaefer Ventilation LLC, a privately owned Sauk Rapids, MN-based manufacturer of innovative ventilation and thermal comfort solutions, announced today that sales grew 30% in 2012 compared to 2011. Excluding the revenue impact of the Americ confined space ventilation business acquisition in April, growth was 12%.

Results benefited from a still improving economy, a hot summer and positive results from several growth initiatives, including international expansion and a focus on complete cooling solutions for greenhouses. 2012 was a challenging year in the domestic dairy market, with high commodity prices reducing dairy profitability significantly and forcing dairymen to postpone expansion and maintenance projects.

The owners and management of Schaefer would again like to thank our loyal and dedicated employees, dealers, distributors, suppliers and customers for their efforts and support in 2012.

December 28, 2012 - Schaefer Sales Force Reorganization for 2013

In anticipation of continued rapid growth in 2013, Schaefer Ventilation Equipment announces the following sales force changes for 2013.

Pete Lyle, formerly VP of Rental and International Sales, is narrowing his focus to international markets (outside of North America) only.

Rex Silber, who joined Schaefer in April of 2012, to support Schaefer's acquisition of the Americ confined space ventilator business will now lead Schaefer's industrial, commercial, confined space ventilation and rental businesses in the US, Canada and Mexico, with the title VP Industrial and Commercial Sales.

Silber is an experienced and talented sales professional, with 23 years of sales and sales leadership experience at Target, G&K Services and Apria Healthcare. Silber has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics from St. Cloud State University.

Reporting to Silber, will be Alan Griffin (Southeast RSM), Brent Ford (Midwest RSM) and Tracy Kelly (Rental Market Manager). Silber is currently recruiting a western region RSM.

Schaefer's Agriculture & Horticulture sales team, led by James Kleinke, will remain unchanged for 2013.

December 21, 2012 - Tracy Kelly Elected to ARA of Minnesota Board

Tracy Kelly, Rental Market Specialist, has been elected Associate Board Member of the American Rental Association of Minnesota (a.k.a. Minnesota Rental Association). The American Rental Association of Minnesota promotes the success of its rental store members and the rental industry through educational meetings and social events. With over 100 rental store members and more than 25 associate members, it is considered one of the most active state rental associations in the country. During his 2 year term, Mr. Kelly will participate in committees to improve the association's website, increase its membership, host a "Demo Day"and more.

December 14, 2012 - New Representation in Bulgaria

Schaefer is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with MarpexAgro, based in Rousse, Bulgaria. Founded in 2005, Marpex has served the dairy sector with premium equipment through six regional offices and service centers in Bulgaria. Pete Lyle, VP of International Sales, recently visited their office to finish the partnership agreement and tour their newly-constructed, 25,000 square foot facility in Rousse. The Marpex staff is fully trained and will soon have inventory of fans and soaking equipment.

December 3, 2012 - Neal Hoefflin Joins Schaefer as CFO

Neal Hoefflin has joined Schaefer as its CFO, replacing Carl Guggenberger. Hoefflin is a seasoned financial professional with experience as an independent financial advisor and 20 years in senior domestic and international financial positions at Creative Memories in St. Cloud, Vinnel Corporation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Boeing Commercial Airplane Company in Seattle. Hoefflin is a CPA, CMA and CFP, with an undergraduate business degree from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

November 13, 2012 - Schaefer Renews Misting Patent License with Cool Draft Scientific

Schaefer Ventilation of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota has purchased a perpetual, global, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to US patents 6,182,463 and 6,367,278 and their US and foreign applications and continuations from Chris Strussion and/or Cool Draft Scientific. This new license agreement replaces a previous license agreement to the same patents, dating from 2007 and resolves any and all of the disagreements between the companies relating to the 2007 license. Patents 6,182,463 and 6,367,278 describe misting technologies utilized in Schaefer’s VersaMist® portable misting products.

October 15, 2012 - Schaefer Attending EuroTier 2012

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment will be exhibiting at EuroTier 2012. The trade show takes place from November 13-16 in Hanover, Germany. VP International Sales Peter Lyle, VP Agricultural Sales James Klienke and President Neil Crocker invite you to visit us at stand 11-G31 in Hall 11.

October 1, 2012 - New Dealer in UAE

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is pleased to announce the addition of our newest international distributor, Farmtec International, of Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Farmtec is Schaefer's exclusive dealer for all agricultural ventilation products in the UAE, including FlipFan®, the world's preeminent dry climate dairy cooling system. Farmtec is a highly respected BouMatic milking systems dealer and has a long history of providing effective dairy ventilation and cooling solutions to dairy in the UAE and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Pictured above: Assembler John Utsch, CFO Carl Guggenberger, Project Manager Elliott VanGrinsven and Operations Manager Don Anderson with the first Americ VAF8000's confined space ventilators produced at Schaefer Ventilation's Sauk Rapids, MN production facility on July 12, 2012.

July 12, 2012 - First production of the new Americ confined space ventilators from Schaefer.

Schaefer Ventilation of Sauk Rapids, MN announces a significant milestone in the integration of the fan business of Americ Corporation into Schaefer with the completion of the first production run of VAF8000's at Schaefer's Sauk Rapids production facility.

Said Carl Guggenberger, Schaefer CFO/COO, "We are now producing all sizes and models of the electric Americ confined space ventilators at Schaefer while still sourcing additional volumes of fans from a 3rd party assembler. We have in-stock inventory of all models and are well on the way to fulfilling all standard fan orders within 24 hours of receipt at Schaefer."

Schaefer Ventilation acquired the assets of the fan business of Americ Corporation of Elk Grove, IL in April, 2012.

July 3, 2012 - Schaefer Grows 35% in First Half of 2012

Schaefer Ventilation LLC, a privately owned Sauk Rapids, MN-based manufacturer of innovative ventilation and thermal comfort solutions, announced today that sales grew 35% in the first half of 2012 relative to the first half of 2011. Excluding sales of the recently acquired Americ confined space ventilator product line, year-over-year growth was 25%. Schaefer experienced significant growth in all markets and particularly in its core dairy cooling markets, where its 57 exhaust fan and FlipFan® dairy cooling system are achieving significant market penetration. As a result of product redesigns and significant cost reductions, Schaefer has significantly grown its horticulture exhaust fan business in 2012. Additionally, Schaefers OEM business is also growing rapidly and now includes products for poultry house ventilation, bed bug thermal remediation and other applications. Again, Schaefer would like to thank it employees, dealers, suppliers and customers for your ongoing support.

April 4, 2012 - Schaefer announces the acquisition of the assets of Americ Corporation, Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment of Sauk Rapids, MN announces the acquisition of the assets of the industrial fan business of Americ Corporation, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and effective April 4, 2012.

Schaefer Ventilation designs, manufactures and markets fans and other ventilation equipment to agricultural, industrial, commercial and rental customers in the US and abroad.

Americ Corporation has been manufacturing and marketing a leading line of confined space ventilation fans and accessories to industrial and equipment rental markets in the US and abroad for over two decades.

Schaefer has acquired the Americ brand, product designs, customer lists and other assets and will merge the Americ fan business with its own ventilation business, including moving fan assembly to Schaefer's Sauk Rapids, MN assembly facility this summer.

Said Neil Crocker, President of Schaefer Ventilation, "Americ fans are known the world over for quality and reliability. We are very pleased to add this made-in-America product line to the existing Schaefer product line. The Americ fan line allows us to serve markets that have previously been beyond our reach and to accelerate Schaefers international expansion."

Takashi Dohi, President of Americ Corporation stated, "We are pleased to have found a good owner for our fan business and a good partner for our existing representatives, dealers and customers. With the sale of the Americ fan business, Americ Corporation will now be known as Americ Machinery Corporation, and will be more highly focused on our core used construction equipment business."

January 27, 2012 - Schaefer Grows 48% in 2011

Schaefer Ventilation LLC, a privately owned Sauk Rapids, MN-based manufacturer of innovative ventilation and thermal comfort solutions, announced today that sales grew 48% in 2011 compared to 2010. There was strong revenue growth in all vertical markets resulting from a still improving economy, an extremely hot summer and positive results from several growth initiatives, including international expansion, the commercialization of the patent pending FlipFan® dairy cooling system and expansion into the industrial market. The owners and managers of Schaefer would like to thank our loyal and dedicated employees, dealers, distributors, suppliers and customers for their efforts and support in 2011.

Pictured left to right: Don Brower, Sales Manager, Stearns Vet Outlet and Pharmacy; Dr. David Tomsche, CEO, Stearns Vet Outlet and Pharmacy; and James Kleinke, VP of Agriculture & Horticulture Sales and Marketing, Schaefer Ventilation

January 2012 - Schaefer Ventilation, a leader in agriculture, horticulture, commercial/industrial, and rental thermal comfort solutions named Stearns Vet Outlet and Pharmacy of Melrose, MN as Schaefer's 2011 Agricultural Dealer of the Year.

 Stearns Vet Outlet and Pharmacy was selected as Schaefer's Ag Dealer of the Year, based on their commitment to providing the very best in ventilation solutions to our mutual customers and their dedication to to the Schaefer Ventilation product line. We are fortunate to have industry leaders like Stearns Vet Outlet and Pharmacy as one of our reseller partners, said James Kleinke, V.P. of Agriculture and Horticulture Sales and Marketing at Schaefer Ventilation.

Stearns Vet Outlet and Pharmacy can be found online at http://stearns.stearnsvetoutlet.com

December 19, 2011 - Portable Tripod Pedestal Electric Radiant Heater Introduced

Schaefer Ventilation LLC announces the January 1, 2011 introduction of a portable, tripod pedestal based, 1500W electric radiant heater. HotZone® Electric Tripod Pedestal Heaters are intended for a wide variety of temporary indoor and outdoor spot heating applications including comfort heating and equipment heating in tents, restaurants, workshops, maintenance areas, garages and construction sites.

The HotZone Tripod Pedestal Heater is currently available in 1500W sizes, and replaces the recently cancelled HotZone Patio Pedestal Heater. The heater comes complete with an on/off switch and tip (disconnect) switch for safety and 9' 120V power cord. The tripod heater is ideal for rental applications, as the heater can be very quickly assembled or disassembled, and the aluminum tripod stand folds into a very small package for shipping and storage.

December 15, 2011 - Schaefer Announces the Acquisition of Metal Fab of Cold Spring

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment of Sauk Rapids, MN announces the acquisition of the assets of Metal Fab of Cold Spring, Inc.

Schaefer designs, manufactures and markets large fans and other ventilation equipment to agricultural, industrial and commercial customers in the US and abroad. Metal Fab is a fabricator of metal parts and a long time supplier to Schaefer and other local companies.

Said Carl Guggenberger, CFO and COO of Schaefer Ventilation, "We look forward to having the extensive metal fabrication skills and capabilities of Metal Fab inside Schaefer. These capabilities will allow us to compete more aggressively with other domestic and foreign fan suppliers."

Said Dennis Meyer, President of Metal Fab, "We look forward to the opportunities presented by this merger with Schaefer. As a combined entity we will both be more effective and efficient. Hopefully this will allow Schaefer to grow more rapidly and to increase employment levels locally."

The Metal Fab equipment will be moved from its current location in Cold Springs, MN to Schaefer's facility in Sauk Rapids, MN in early 2012.

December 1, 2011 - Schaefer Announces the Addition of Three International Distributors in 2011

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is pleased to announce the addition of three new dealers as part of its global growth initiative.

ProFarm Pakistan, based in Lahore, is a dealer of dairy milking parlors and herd management solutions. Comprising 12 staff members, ProFarm offers veterinarian and technical experience in whole-herd management. "We are pleased to have Schaefer and its reputation as an industry innovator as part of our holistic approach to herd management," stated ProFarm Principal Joachim Westerveld.

ProFarm has completed projects across Pakistan, from Karachi to Islamabad. Waikato Distribution is a distributor of milking parlors in Latin America. Based in Venezuela, their dealer network has presence in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Alkifiesta Group, based in Santiago, Dominican Republic, is a dealer of party rental products, from tents to fans and evaporative coolers. They serve the Dominican rental from Santiago and from a branch office in Santo Domingo.

December 1, 2011 - Schaefer Announces the Introduction of Cart-Based Electric Radiant Heaters

Schaefer Ventilation LLC announces the introduction of a line of cart-based electric radiant heaters. HotZone® Electric Radiant Cart Heaters are intended for a wide variety of temporary indoor and outdoor spot heating applications including comfort heating and equipment heating in workshops, maintenance areas, garages and construction sites.

The HotZone Cart Heater is available in 3,000W and 5,000W sizes. In each case the lobster-eye inspired electric radiant heater is mounted on a rugged, stable, heavy duty cart, with a steering handle and 6" wheels for ease of movement. The heater comes complete with an on/off switch and tip (disconnect) switch for safety and 25' 240V power cord.

October 1, 2011 - 3rd Party Performance Test Results for FlipFan®

Schaefer Ventilation LLC announces that two third-party performance tests of Schaefer's industry leading FlipFan dairy cooling system were recently completed. Dr. Todd R. Bilby with Texas AgriLife Research and Extension of Texas A & M conducted a field test in Stevensville,TX and Dr. John F. Smith, Dairy Specialist at the University of Arizona in collaboration with Robert Collier, University of AZ and Dr. Cassandra Tucker of University of California conducted a field test in Arizona. Results from both tests will be available shortly, but in both cases FlipFan very effectively cooled cows with no bed wetting.

July 10, 2010 - Schaefer Achieves 51% Revenue Growth for 1st Half of 2011

Schaefer Ventilation LLC, a privately owned Sauk Rapids, MN-based manufacturer of innovative ventilation and thermal comfort solutions, announced today that it has experienced 51% revenue growth for the first half of 2011 compared to the first half of 2010. There was strong revenue growth in all vertical markets. Dairy sales in particular benefited from strong milk prices and the successful introduction of the FlipFan® dairy cooling system and Schaefer's new, very high performance 57" fiberglass exhaust fan.

July 8, 2010 - Schaefer Announces the Introduction of FlipFan® into California

Schaefer's industry leading FlipFan® Dairy Cooling System was successfully installed and commissioned at the Tjaarda Dairy, near Bakersfield, California the week of July 5. The 23-truss, 46-fan system was sold and installed by San Joaquin Dairy Service, Escalon, CA and is the first FlipFan® system installed in California.

July 1, 2011 - Schaefer Announces New Performance Results for its 57" Fiberglass Cone Fan

In certification testing at BESS Labs at the University of Illinois, Schaefer's new 57" fiberglass cone fan outperformed its already impressive results from 2010 testing. The rugged 57" narrow profile fan with a UV protected, 2-sides smooth fiberglass housing and one-piece polyethylene cone and corrosion resistant components achieved in excess of 35,000 cfm in free air, 31,700 cfm at 0.10" SP at 17.7 cfm/watt and 28,600 cfm at 0.10" SP at 20.3 cfm/watt and a fan ratio of 0.81. (For complete test results, please visit the BESS Labs website at http://bess.illinois.edu/search.asp) This industry-leading cone fan is ideal for dairy tunnel or cross ventilation applications and is available now in 3- and 5-wing versions and with 1 HP, 1.5 HP and 2 HP single- and 3-phase motors.

April 1, 2011 - First FlipFan® Dairy Cooling System Commissioned

Schaefer announces that the first commercial FlipFan® dairy cooling system has been installed and commissioned at Shawn Dugan's Blackwater Dairy in Arizona. Since announcing the availability of the patent pending FlipFan® in November 2010, Schaefer has taken orders for 7 systems in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Mexico. All 7 systems will be installed and commissioned in April and May 2011, in time to provide industry leading cooling during the hottest months of the year. Protoype FlipFan® systems were previously installed at several other dairies in Arizona in 2010.

January 31, 2011 - Schaefer Grows 36% in 2010

Schaefer Ventilation LLC, a privately owned Sauk Rapids, MN-based manufacturer of innovative ventilation and thermal comfort solutions, announced today that sales grew 36% in 2010 compared to 2009. There was strong revenue growth in all vertical markets resulting from an improving economy, an early and hot spring and positive results from several growth initiatives. Schaefer would like to thank its suppliers, dealers and distributors for their ongoing support in 2010 and beyond.

November 1, 2010 - FlipFan™ dairy cooling system now available from Schaefer

Schaefer Ventilation is now offering the patent-pending FlipFan™ dairy cooling system. FlipFan™ is an extremely effective and reliable dairy cooling system and is ideal for dairies in extremely hot and arid climates such as the US Southwest and the Middle East. FlipFan™ consists of a series of high velocity, long-throw misting fans, mounted on connected horizontal trusses on the upwind side of the shade. Based on environmental inputs, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction and sun angle, the fan direction and mist levels are automatically adjusted to best keep the cooling on the cows. For instance, as the cows follow the shade through the day, or even outside at night, the misting fans follow the cows to provide maximum cooling. Cooler cows eat more, produce more milk and have much higher reproductive rates. Look for more information on FlipFan™ in the December issue of Progressive Dairyman.

September 27, 2010 - Schaefer announces the release of the 57" fiberglass cone exhaust fan.

Schaefer Ventilation announced the release of a high performance 57" fiberglass cone exhaust fan at World Dairy in Madison, WI today. Schaefer's 57" fan is designed for tunnel and cross ventilation applications. The rugged 57" narrow profile fan with a UV protected fiberglass housing and one-piece polyethylene cone and corrosion resistant components moves up to 33,000 cfm in free air and up to 30,000 cfm at 0.10" SP. In certification tests, the fan achieved 20.5 cfm/watt with 1, 1.5 and 2 hp motors, making the fan eligible for maximum exhaust fan energy rebates from organizations such as Wisconsin's Focus on Energy, in all configurations. The fan will be available in production quantities beginning January 1, 2011.

August 1, 2010 - Buffalo Horticulture Sales Company represents the Schaefer product line.

Schaefer Ventilation is proud to announce that Buffalo Horticulture Sales Company, of Leesville SC, has agreed to represent Schaefer's extensive line of horticulture ventilation and heating products, including its industry leading Plant-Air® horizontal airflow (HAF) fans in the southeastern United States. Buffalo Company is adding Schaefer to the short list of other greenhouse suppliers that it already represents, including DeWitt, Nature's Choice, Klerk's and others.

August 26, 2010 - James Kleinke returns to Schaefer.

Schaefer Ventilation welcomes back James Kleinke as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Agricultural Divisions. James previously held leadership roles in Sales, Marketing and Consulting in start up companies as well as Fortune 500 companies during his absence from Schaefer. His agricultural roots started in Luverne, Minnesota where he worked on a family farm. He is a graduate from the University of MN, Morris with B.A. degrees in Business Economic and Speech Communication. James will be responsible to lead an experienced sales team as they introduce new product lines, and grow both the domestic and international agricultural markets.

July 15, 2010 - Schaefer Achieves 32% Revenue Growth for 1st Half of 2010

Schaefer Ventilation LLC, a privately owned Sauk Rapids, MN-based manufacturer of innovative ventilation and thermal comfort solutions, announced today that is has experienced 32% revenue growth for the first half of 2010 compared to the first half of 2009. There was strong revenue growth in all vertical markets resulting from an improving economy, an early and hot spring and positive results from several growth initiatives. An increased focus on industrial markets, the addition of Grainger and other national commercial and industrial distributors, the introduction of several new products and product lines including the Tuff & Gusty™ line of economy fans, the BigDog™ 72" ventilator, a complete line of stainless steel and washdown fans from 12" to 30", and ongoing commitment to a strategy of product quality and reliability and high levels of customer service and support.

July 1, 2010 - Schaefer Introduces a Portable Air Conditioner Product Line

Schaefer announces the introduction of a line of extremely rugged and reliable portable air conditioners (PACs) to supplement its line of circulation fans, exhaust fans, misting fans, portable evaporative coolers and other thermal comfort solutions. The new Schaefer line ranges from the 1 ton (12,000 BTU/hour) PAC-TZ12B to the 6 ton PAC-TZ60AB units. These "made in the US" PACs have been engineered and designed for the rugged rental and industrial markets. They are extremely quiet due to the choice of backward-inclined evaporator and condenser fans, draw the least amount of current on a per-ton cooling basis due to fan and compressor design and are long-lived and do not freeze up at low load due to the inclusion of a thermostatic expansion valve that automatically adjusts refrigerant flow rates to match ambient conditions. All of the PACs roll easily from room to room on heavy duty, low noise casters and fit through 32" doorways. Schaefer PACs set up in minutes and require minimal maintenance. They come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty, with a 3 year warranty on the compressor. They range in list price from about $3,000/ton for the smallest units to $1,500/ton for the larger units. Schaefer PACs are available for resale now and often can ship same-day. Contact Schaefer at 800-779-3267 or at sales@schaeferfan.com for more information.

May 1, 2010 - Phill Snartland Joins Schaefer as VP Engineering & Product Development

Phillip (Phill) Snartland has joined Schaefer as its VP of Engineering and Product development, replacing Bill Kayfes. Phill joins Schaefer from Cover-All Building Systems (most recently) and Park Industries (prior to that) where Phill was their New Product Development Team Leader from 1988 to 2008. Phill is a Mechanical Engineer, with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Dakota State University. Phill is responsible for continuing to add to Schaefer's line of innovative and efficient ventilation and thermal comfort solutions for the agricultural, horticultural, rental and industrial/commercial markets that Schaefer serves.

February 1, 2010 - Pete Lyle joins Schaefer as Senior Rental and Commercial Market Manager

Peter (Pete) Lyle has joined Schaefer as its Senior Rental and Commercial Market Manager, replacing Dan Frantti. Pete is a graduate of South West State University, Morris, MN where he earned a BA in Public Administration and Political Science and was the student body president in 1998/1999. Since then Pete has mainly worked in real estate and was the VP of Sales at Signature Homes in St. Cloud from 2000 to 2005. More recently Pete has been selling for Metro Sales in this area. Pete has been tasked with growing Schaefer's footprint and reputation in the hospitality and construction equipment rental markets.

October 16, 2009 - Schaefer Announces the VT20VK-PHV High Velocity, Long Throw "Spot Cooler"

Schaefer has introduced a new high velocity spot cooler for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. The VT20VK-PHV circulation fan produces 5,990 cfm and 14.3 cfm/watt. Air speed is 1,920 fpm at the face of the fan, 480 fpm at 25' and 260 fpm at 50'. The current version of the fan has a 0.5 hp TEAO standard-duty motor, large spacing (non-OSHA) powder coat over zinc plating guards and a polypropylene blade. The fan is designed to be mounted over 7.5' for use on long-throw, spot cooling applications, including assembly line ventilation and horizontal air circulation. The VT20VK-PHV's performance and price compare very favorably to the performance and price of similar sized spot coolers from Patterson and Multifan.

October 5, 2009 - Schaefer Introduces a New Family of Stainless Steel/Washdown Duty Fans

In response to demand for long-life washdown duty fans for food processing and other industrial ventilation applications, Schaefer announces the launch of a new family of stainless steel/washdown duty fans in 20", 24" and 30" diameters. All fans come standard with stainless steel guards and polypropylene blades. Each fan size has the choice of a baked-on enamel washdown duty motor (with a 1-year guarantee) or a stainless steel washdown duty motor (with a 2-year guarantee) an aluminum anodized motor (with a 3-year warranty.) The stainless steel guards are OSHA compliant, but are designed for maximum airflow and are designed to fit any 48- or 56-frame motor and essentially any blade type, for the ultimate in fan design and application flexibility.

September 1, 2009 - Schaefer Announces its Heater Product Line for 2009/2010

Schaefer Ventilation announces that its heater product line for 2009/2010 will include HotZone® electric and gas radiant (infrared) spot heaters with their patented IRLens™, Algarve quartz electric radiant heaters, conventional high intensity gas radiant heaters, 2-stage low intensity gas radiant heaters and Burny propane Professional Patio heaters. Dropped from Schaefer's heater line are the HotZone 1500W and 3000W "Hoop Kit" portable heaters, the HeatStrip™ electric radiant heater and the Zubri portable propane heater.

Schaefer now manufactures the HotZone® line of high intensity radiant heaters in its Minnesota factory. The electric HotZone product line includes the 1500W and 3000W Universal mount heaters for wall or ceiling mounting, the 1500W Adjustable wall mount heater, the 1500W Patio heater, the 1500W Portable heater, the 1500W commercial portable heater, the 1500W and 3000W in-ceiling heaters and the traditional 1500W, 3000W and 5000W "tab-mount" heaters for industrial and commercial applications. HotZones come in several colors, including Silver Hammertone, White, Black and uncoated. For more information please go to the HotZone section of Schaefer's website.

August 3, 2009 - Schaefer Introduces the BigDog® 72" Ventilator

Schaefer Ventilation announces the introduction of the 72" diameter, 3 hp, belt drive, fiberglass variable speed circulation fan, fitted with 6 fully adjustable air deflectors, to allow aiming the airstream wherever it is needed. Designed for ceiling or post mounting in factories, warehouses or dairies, the BigDog is the right answer for large area cooling and de-stratification. Unlike HVLS (high volume, low speed) ceiling fans that move a lot of air very slowly with minimal cooling effect, Schaefer's BigDog moves a lot of air at high speed and will create a refreshing 100 fpm+ breeze over an area 200' long and 35' wide. As one happy customer commented, "The BigDog kicks butt!"

June 10, 2009 - Schaefer Introduces WayCool 360 Evaporative Area Cooler

Schaefer has added a "kinder and gentler" WayCool® for applications where the aggressive air pattern of the traditional WayCool® is too disruptive. The 1 HP WayCool 360 has airflow of approximately 2500 cfm and cooling capacity of approximately 4 tons @ 90°F and 40% RH with the air exiting the vents on all four sides of the cooler in a 360° pattern. The WayCool 360 is ideal for tent, patio or deck cooling. Like all WayCools, the WayCool 360 costs 50% or less than the equivalent portable air conditioner and also has operating costs of 50% or less.

May 1, 2009 - Schaefer Introduces Tuff & Gusty™ Line of Imported Fans

Schaefer has added a new line of economy circulation fans called Tuff & Gusty™ to supplement its extensive line of US-made fans. These UL507 outdoor certified circulation fans and heavy-duty drum fans are loaded with features but priced very aggressively for your indoor and outdoor cooling and ventilation needs.

April 1, 2009 - Schaefer Products Available at Grainger.com

Schaefer announces that a selection of its circulation and misting fans is now available for purchase on Grainger.com. It is expected that the products will also appear in Grainger's 2010 catalog, which gets distributed to in excess of 1 million industrial and commercial buyers.

January 1, 2009 - Kyle Friedrich Named Head of Schaefer's Customer Care Center

Schaefer has announced the appointment of Kyle Friedrich as the head of its new Customer Care Center. Friedrich, a Schaefer veteran, will be responsible for building a full-service customer care center for Schaefer's dealers and end-user customers, including technical support, business support and inside sales.

August 15, 2008 - Neil Crocker Joins Schaefer as President

Neil Crocker has joined Schaefer Ventilation as its President and CEO. Crocker comes to Schaefer from Radiant Optics. Prior to Radiant Optics, Crocker was VP Marketing and Product Management at Minnesota-based Datacard Group, and prior to that held several executive positions at Pearson plc, the UK-based education and media company. Crocker has an MBA from the University of Western Ontario, an MEng from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario and a BSc in Engineering Physics from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

June 1, 2008 - Schaefer Ventilation Acquires HotZone® from Radiant Optics

Schaefer exclusively licensed the HotZone assets from Radiant Optics and now also designs and manufactures HotZone high intensity gas and electric infrared spot heaters for applications as diverse as ice and snow melting to restaurant patio heating.

All HotZone infrared heaters feature the lobster-eye inspired and patented IRLens® that focuses the infrared energy into a narrow beam resulting in more heat being delivered to the target and/or allowing heaters to be mounted farther from the target. HotZone heaters are manufactured by Schaefer Ventilation in the USA.

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